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3 thousand Albanians live in the Arab Emirates / Investigation: Dubai, the place of contradictions, « houses » VIP businessmen, but also over 500 Albanian escorts

Bern, 22 avril -Dubai is the most popular city of the United Arab Emirates, located in the southeast of the Persian Gulf. But how many Albanians live in the Emirates? What do Albanians do in Dubai?

In addition to business and education, a considerable number of girls are also « escorts ». The Albanian-language Swiss newspaper LeCanton27 has done an investigation about Dubai, what it’s like to live there and the contradictions.

With a population of 3 million inhabitants, it is known that there are 50 thousand sex workers in Dubai. In 2006, the United Arab Emirates deported 4300 foreign prostitutes. It is believed that there are also 500 girls from Albania who work as escorts.

The number of Albanians in Dubai is believed to reach up to 5 during the summer holiday season. The Albanian ambassador to the United Arab Emirates declares that the Albanians have been successfully introduced there.

« We have many businessmen here who have 150 employees, such as the well-known businessman from Elbasan, Briken Ndoja. In Dubai, we have well-known businessmen and businessmen from Kosovo or North Macedonia, such as the Ekolog company and the philanthropist Lazim Destani, a businessman already known not only among Albanians, but also in Switzerland and around the world. We also have owners of construction companies.

One of them is Albert Leka, who has companies in Doha, Qatar, the Philippines, Poland and America. As for the students, their interest is great to study here in the Emirates, especially in Dubai, who are oriented to study mainly theology, finance, medicine, business, economics, banking, the number of which is around 50.

Modern prostitution…

They are young, beautiful, qualified or uneducated. Their common point is clear: Some prostitute to make a living, most are to get rich easily and quickly. The number of prostitutes is higher from countries like Russia, Ukraine and Serbia.

But there are also Albanians. It is known that more than 500 Albanian prostitutes are in Dubai today, who camouflage themselves as if they work for different companies, but in fact their job is that of escort. In June 2023, Reuters published an investigation titled « How torture, fraud and inaction support Dubai’s booming sex-trafficking industry. » Willingly or not, they are forced to prostitute themselves in brothels, alleys, bars, hotels and nightclubs.

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