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Letter to the FIFA boss: Infantino, don’t close your eyes, why are you showing solidarity (silent) with threats, attacks, violence and Serbian racism against Swiss (Albanian) footballers in Qatar in the Switzerland-Serbia match

Bern, December 4 – In the international event Switzerland-Serbia, in front of the eyes of the world, racist calls are made to kill and exterminate Albanians. And FIFA was silent?! Giovanni Infantoni should not close his eyes, if he is not pro-Serbian, he should react urgently and take punitive measures from the team and Serbia, at the same time to maintain the credibility of FIFA.

FIFA’s ban on Albanians making their national symbol (the eagle) was not good news for the December 2 match between Switzerland and Serbia in Qatar, where the match was more than a game, there was violence, abuse, psychological terror, pressure, recrimination. Serbian vs. Swiss (Albanian) footballers in front of FIFA. In the Switzerland-Serbia world event, racist calls are made to kill and exterminate Albanians in front of the eyes of the world. The arrogant behavior of the team from Belgrade and the Serbian fans was judged and criticized yesterday and today by the world media, but not by FIFA nor by its boss Infantino, says the beginning of the letter from the editorial staff of the Swiss Albanian newspaper Le Canton27.ch sent to FIFA boss Giovanni Infantino.

Here are some facts

Aucune description disponible.Shame, FIFA was silent before this act:
Serbian footballers entered the playing field with directives. Some of them were meant to provoke the captain Granit Xhaka, some times they were harsh in the game. Their directives were to provoke Xherdan Shaqiri as well. Like Xhaka and Shaqiri, to provoke them to be punished with red cards.

Shame, FIFA was silent before this act: Football player Nikola Milenkovici has severely provoked Granit Xhaka, while some others were ashamed of the boy from Kosovo. A photo that presents a very interesting fact for FIFA, the goalkeeper of Serbia. Vanja Milinković Savić grabbed Granit Xhaka by the throat.

Shame, FIFA was silent before this act: I wonder how Vanja Milinković Savić escaped without being punished with a red card, this low gesture of his should be severely punished by FIFA. The Serbs surround Xhaka in fear, the whole world saw these Serbian provocations.

Aucune description disponible.Shame, FIFA was silent before this act:
« Kill, kill the Albanian » were the calls in chorus from the Serbian fans even though the official announcer in the stadium called on them to stop all insults and discriminatory gestures!

Shame, FIFA was silent before this act: Serbia’s coach, Dragan Stojkovic, committed racist acts on the field, as it was seen and heard (VIDEO exists) that after Serbia’s second goal, he celebrated by cursing Albanians. »

On December 2, the most watched match in the 2022 edition took place in Qatar, where Switzerland scored a 3:2 victory, eliminating Serbia. In this case, the Serbs used the opportunity, as always, in front of the aggressive and problematic world with their experiences, not only in politics, but also in sports, in this case in football, as was witnessed in Qatar. What Serbia manifested on December 2 in Qatar against Switzerland is not a football thing.

So as it was witnessed and seen before the eyes of the world (but not FIFA and Infantino) on December 2, there was no hatred towards Switzerland or the Swiss, otherwise they would be attacked, threatened or insulted on a national basis. The hatred of Serbs towards Albanians is institutional and traditional. The success of the Albanian is humiliation for the Serb. This is not tolerated in Serbia infected by evil and racism.

And if this racism is among the Serbs, it is not necessary for FIFA or Infantino to be infected or united with this Serbian hatred and racism! We say this because neither Infantino nor FIFA has so far reacted to Serbian threats, attacks, insults in the match between Switzerland and Serbia?!

Finally, in short, the insult and racism against a FIFA member team, in this case Kosovo, is an insult to FIFA itself if the Serbian team is not punished, at least suspended, even to publicly show FIFA and Infantioni that they are not they are pro-Serbian!

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